Bespoke Content Development Service

Our bespoke content development methodology includes clear project milestones and regular review cycles, ensuring deliverables that adhere to service level agreements.
Bespoke Content Development Methodology
Bespoke content development is a science and an art. Besides adopting cutting-edge technology and latest instructional design approaches , each learning objects should be graphically and creatively presented and narrated for compelling e-Learning programs that keep the learner engaged. We go through the following phases in our Bespoke Content Development process:

Multi-language Support
We have the capability to develop e-Learning courses in English and translate these into more than 15 languages.
Design Principles
  • Design each learning components to align with the learning objectives defined upfront
  • Simulate workplace scenarios for authenticity
  • Cater to more than one learning style
  • Include exercises and assessments to check achievements
  • Amount of time learner spends on the course is not equivalent to knowledge retention
  • Easily accessible anytime anywhere, on multiple devices
Animations & Illustrations
With well-scripted storyboards and illustrations using clients’ original materials as a starting point, we animate situations where characters, objects and scenarios are brought together to create stories.

These multimedia snippets can be used in games, e-Learning, flash introductions or directly posted online in video broadcasting formats.
Domain Expertise
  • Product training
  • Vendor/Partner Program training
  • Soft skills for sales
  • Compliance training such as health & safety, anti-money laundering
  • Applications and systems training
  • Business processes such as HR
Compliance with Industry Standards
Our courses are designed to comply with:

  • SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) – Version 1.2 and SCORM 2004
  • AICC (Aviation Industry CBT Committee)
  • Section 508 Compliance for Accessibility
  • XML (eXtensible Mark-up Language)
  • IMS/QTI (Instructional Management System Global Learning Consortium)/(Question and Test Interoperability)
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