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Meet Our People

There is no better source to help you learn more about life at Training Partners than our employees themselves. Meet some of our people and read about their experiences working here.
Name: Theresa Tan
Title: Director, Business Development, E-learning & Consulting

How long have you been working for Training Partners?  
4 years

Why did you choose this company?
Entrepreneurial opportunity. Although I started my career in a large consulting firm, going back to work for an MNC somehow didn’t quite appeal to me. Training Partners offers the same entrepreneurial spirit and autonomy space like my previous role. On top of this, the company also has the regional footprint to support my aspiration to take e-learning to a scale that I had envisioned. With the support structure provided by Training Partners, this is even better than running my own company.

What keeps you here in Training Partners?
Every day is a very different day, and frequently, the days turn out to be very different from what I expect (or plan). Every morning, when I step into the office, the only constant is that it’s never short of excitement. Being very clear about the company’s vision, I feel that I’m contributing towards that goal and bringing value every day.
Name: Jonathan Lee
Title: Senior Director, Alliance & Consulting

How long have you been working for Training Partners? 
8 years

Why did you choose this company?
The then newly-created Alliance Manager position fitted my aspiration of holding a regional job covering Asia Pacific. It also leveraged my experience of managing alliances in my previous role. Having worked with the General Manager for several years prior to this and understanding her working style helped. My manager is a very responsible superior who will not brush aside employees’ concerns but work on creating an environment where they can excel in their jobs. I share her passion for the company and have never look back since I started in this job.

What keeps you here in Training Partners?
A sense of achievement. I enjoy the sense of achievement that I bring to the company such as winning awards from partners, mentoring new colleagues and interacting with the country teams. Training Partners employees value teamwork and are close to one another. This really motivates us in our work. The Training Partners business has doubled since I joined – this further motivates me to work harder and anticipate more exciting time ahead.