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Microsoft Software Assurance Training Voucher (SATV)

What is the Microsoft Software Assurance Training Voucher (SATV) benefit?
Microsoft's Software Assurance Training Benefits help boost productivity and streamline deployments by providing in-depth technical classroom training for IT professionals and developers, and opportunities to enhance end-user readiness, all designed to ensure effective and efficient deployment, management, support and adoption of new Microsoft software without impacting the customer's training budget.

Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs) are the means through which valuable instructor-led technical and end-user training benefits can be realized by Software Assurance customers. Software Assurance E-Learning benefits are the means through which customers can utilize self-paced online end-user training.

How do customers benefit from using their Software Assurance training vouchers?
The benefits of training vouchers include:
  • Employee skill enhancement - Improve productivity with training and support for your IT staff. Prepare your IT staff to efficiently deploy, manage, and support now software.

  • Reduced training costs - Training is already included under the Software Assurance coverage. With SATV, you can provide technical training for your IT Pro and Developer staff without impacting your budget.

  • Learning Partner support - Microsoft's Learning Partners can help create an optimal training strategy for your organization and help you plan the most effective way to use training vouchers.

  • Guaranteed pricing - Microsoft and Learning Partners have set pricing that is included with your Software Assurance coverage. With the exception of Demonstration sessions, one training voucher day equals one classroom-training day.
How do customers benefit from using their Software Assurance training vouchers?
Training days last for the duration of the agreement. For example, with a three-year agreement, training days are available for three years.

What type of training can I get through Software Assurance Training Vouchers?
You can use your Software Assurance training voucher days for select technical training for your IT staff as well as Demonstration Sessions to support end user readiness.

Contact us for our Microsoft schedule and select a training course which will meet your need.

Who uses SA Training Vouchers (SATVs)?
The SA Training Voucher (SATV) benefit provides SA Customers with two valuable and relevant ways to acquire training for their IT Staff and End-Users:
  • IT Pros & Developers: For Technical Training
    • In-classroom or virtual
    • In-depth technical training delivered by MCT's with Learning Partner
    • Courses designed by Microsoft experts
    • 1 Training Voucher day = 1 day of training

  • End-Users: For Demonstration Sessions
    • In-classroom or virtual
    • Designed to support end-user readiness and adoption
    • Delivered in a group setting, can be customized by the Learning Partner to meet customer's readiness needs
    • 1 Training Voucher day = 1 Demonstration Session, minimum of 4 sessions per engagement

What is the process for using my SATV benefit?
There are 4 main steps required around SATV for customers.

  1. Verify eligibility: Customers (other than Academic Select License, Select Plus for Academic, Campus Agreement, and School Agreement customers) who have Software Assurance (SA) membership in the Microsoft application or systems product pools may be eligible for SA training days. You receive a number of Training Days based on the number of qualifying Office and/or Windows licenses covered with Software Assurance.

  2. Activate: Your company's benefits manager must go to Microsoft’s Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) web site to activate your organization's SA training voucher benefit. The benefit only has to be activated one time, and the entire number of training days allotted to the organization will be activated for use.

  3. Create & Assign: After activating the benefit, the benefits manager can create and assign SA training vouchers to employees by entering the employee name, corporate e-mail address, and number of days the voucher is worth. After creation and assignment of a SA training voucher, the employee has 180 days to use the voucher before it expires.

  4. Schedule: Employees can choose a participating Microsoft Learning Partner who offers the courses they want to take.* To reserve training, employees must provide the Learning Partner with the SA training voucher details found in their voucher confirmation email.
Watch an informative Video demonstrating how to Activate, Create & Assign, and Schedule Training, click here

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Details You Should Know
Eligible licenses: Customers (other than Academic Select License, Select Plus for Academic, Campus Agreement, and School Agreement customers) who have Software Assurance membership in the Microsoft application or systems product pools may be eligible for SA training vouchers. For eligibility and current program rules, see the Microsoft Product List.

Cancellation: If an employee reserves an SA training voucher with a Learning Partner and then cannot attend the scheduled course, the employee must contact the Learning Partner to cancel. If the reserved training is cancelled, the SA training voucher will revert back to the "Assigned" status. Note that the Learning Partner's local cancellation policy applies and the Learning Partner may impose a cancellation charge. A benefits manager CANNOT revoke a SA training voucher from "Reserved" status.

Revocation: If the SA training voucher is in the "Assigned" status, the company’s benefits manager can revoke it so the training days will revert back to the organization’s pool of training days and the benefits manager can then create and/or assign it to someone else.

Expiration: An SA training voucher is valid for 180 days after it is created and assigned to an employee. Therefore, training must be completed before SA training voucher expiration. When the organization's licensing agreement expires, any unassigned SA training days left in the organization's pool WILL EXPIRE.

Benefit Days vs. Course Days: If the benefits manager creates a SA training voucher worth more days than the course length, the extra days automatically revert back to the organization's pool of training days after the voucher is paid to the Learning Partner. Or, the benefits manager can revoke the voucher (if it hasn't already been reserved by a Learning Partner) and re-create it for the employee with the exact number of days needed for the desired course. If the SA training voucher doesn't cover all of the course days, the employee must pay the difference to the Learning Partner.

Employee responsibility: The employee will receive an e-mail confirmation message that contains details about the SA training voucher (such as length of voucher, voucher number, expiration date) and must be aware of the voucher expiration date, which is 180 days from the date the vouchers was created and assigned.


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