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Special Needs Policy
  1. Overview

    To consider and provide equality of opportunity for all students, acknowledging and recognising that some students may have special needs that make it challenging for them to learn new subjects. To ensure a high quality of provision to meet the special needs of such candidates.
  1. Objectives
    • To ensure everyone with special needs has access to the regular curriculum in the same way as other students.
    • To ensure they are supported through an adaptive approach by the trainers, in order that they can reach their maximum potential.
    • To ensure everyone is engaged in all activities and are fully included in each task.
    • To ensure that all students are encouraged, valued and accepted equally, regardless of their ability or limitation.
    • To be able to make provisions for accommodation, seating, needs for special aids and instruments, etc in accordance to the students individual specific needs.
  1. Registration Procedure

    Although the registration process is standard for all, every effort is made to make sure that these processes meet the individual needs for candidates with special needs.
    • The student will inform the training organisation of their specific disability and special needs, 15 working days in advance of the course start date.
    • They will provide clear details of aids required e.g. wheelchair access, special furniture or chairs, any software, instruments, hearing aids, translators, etc
    • Confirm whether assistance is required for overnight accommodation
    • Receive written confirmation from the organisation confirming all requirements are in place 3 working days in advance of the course date.
  1. Facilities
    • Assistance in accessing training room, toilet facilities, cafeteria and exits. This would include full wheelchair access to the training room and all other facilities.
    • Appropriate furniture, including special desks, tables, standing tables, and others
    • Advance notice of assignments
    • Alternative ways of completing assignments
    • Assistive computer technology
    • Assistive listening devices and taped lectures
    • Auxiliary aids and services (note takers, lab or library assistants, readers, interpreters)
    • Captions for film and video material
    • Course or programme modifications
    • Document conversion (alternative print formats: large print, tape, electronic)
    • Test modifications and time extensions
  1. Complaints Procedure

    Complaints on the following can be raised under the existing complaints procedure of the organisation. (Please refer to “Complaints Procedure”)
    • Inappropriate behaviour of staff
    • Harassment
    • Discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender, sexuality, disability, etc.
    • A major failure in the companies’ commitment towards special needs
  1. Contact details

    ​ Please refer to our local office


Approved company purchase order is required prior to registration and company payment is required before the trainee participates in the training programmes.

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Applicable taxes will be applied to your invoice. For pre-paid packages, applicable taxes will be deducted from the deposit amount as classes are taken.

Attendance & Cancellation 

Please note that the terms and conditions defer from each country. For detail please refer to the registration form or contact our local Training Center.

Programmes and Courses

Training Partners reserves the right to change pricing, registration terms, and conditions, to make changes to any of our products or programmes described on this web site, to change a course location or to cancel a course at any time without notice or liability.

Training Partners’ liability will be limited to the refunding of any fees paid in respect of the course and we shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential loss arising whatsoever. Training Partners will endeavor to give clients as much advance notice as possible on any change to their enrollment.