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With technology becoming more of a business strategy rather than a necessary expense, many
companies are deploying new technologies today to stay competitive. Training Partners offers
End-user Change Management approach to facilitate these changes experienced by your
organization. We will first analyse your organisation’s current (As is) situation. After this, we will
define and visualise your long-term goals and vision. From this, we will create a roadmap to get
you there (To be).

Built into the End-user Change Management approach is our signature offering called User
Adoption Services. This is a set of planning and management services that helps users to adopt
to the change being implemented so that they can embrace and use the new system optimally,
as well as minimise productivity loss when the new system is deployed.

We aim to prepare each user to effectively adopt to the new system the moment it is deployed.

User Adoption Services
  • Challenges
  • Methodology
  • Solution
  • Benefits

Rapid technology change can be difficult for users to cope with. You soon realise that:



With the increasing number of organisations undergoing technological change, these risks are only too real.