Standard e-Learning Content Library
At Training Partners, we provide our clients with a complete range of ready-made elearning solutions, which includes self-paced courses supported by online mentoring services. These courses, ebooks and videos, covers areas in business, (IT) and desktop. All learning assets have been developed by industry-leading learning experts to ensure that they build talent and develop a more knowledgeable, productive and valuable workforce. We also provide value-added offerings in focused portals in CISCO, Microsoft Office, IT Security, Project Management and many more.
  • Self-Paced e-Learning
  • Performance Support Videos
  • Focused Area Portals
  • eBooks
  • Certification & Accreditation

Self-Paced e-Learning

IT Courseware Collection

The IT Courseware Collection contains a wide selection of e-Learning courses relevant to the IT Professionals. These comprehensive courses will ensure that the professionals in the industry gets the latest knowledge and training with the latest software.

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Desktop Courseware Collection

The Desktop Courseware Collection contains courses covering formal and informal needs of an organization. These courses will ensure that non-technical employees in the organization are proficient in the desktop applications (e.g. Microsoft Office) and skills (e.g. email, reporting)

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